Veterinary Services

At Waterberg Wildlife Vets we are passionate about animals and are proud of our friendliness and desire to go the extra mile for our clients and patients. This is the foundation on which our professional services for wildlife, pets and horses are built.  Our vision is to deliver an excellent level of service and to treat our clients in such a way that they will come in as clients but leave as friends.  Our team is well trained, equipped and motivated in order to help and cater for our client’s needs.


Our practice’s main focus is game and wildlife work. This varies across the spectrum of the many different species that farmers farm with, ranging from majestic rhinos, grumpy buffalo, towering giraffe, dangerous lions, fearsome leopard to dainty antelope species like steenbokkies and blue duikers to name but a few. Procedures vary from the darting of wildlife for routine translocation and management purposes to advanced surgical and medical procedures. Fertility testing of bulls and pregnancy scans on females are also being done on a regular basis.

Small Animals

Almost all farmers have four legged friends as part of their households who are often in need of veterinary care, be it medical or surgical. We have a range of some top notch in-house laboratory equipment which allows for a range of rapid testing of blood and other tissue samples. We also stock a variety of top quality food, dewormers shampoos and other pet products to keep our patients healthy and happy.


There are a large number of stables in our area which offers guests a very unique African safari experience, namely horse riding and game viewing on horseback.  These horses present us with a variety and often challenging array of conditions and injuries which can be a real test for our knowledge and surgical skills.

Shop and hours

As mentioned previously, we stock a variety of products ranging from high quality dog- and cat food to dewormers, remedies against ticks and fleas, vaccinations ect.
The shop is open for business from 8am to 4pm Mondays to Fridays and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. As the vet spend most of his time out on farms, consultations at the practice are done on an appointment basis only.