This program is aimed at veterinary and prospective veterinary students who are serious and passionate about veterinary science and medicine.
The strong point about our course is the high case load which present ample opportunities for students to get their hands dirty on a variety of species as well as the opportunity to assist with clinical cases.
Candidates get a chance to experience loads of hands-on veterinary work and to get an in-depth insight into wildlife management and veterinary work in the South-African wildlife and game farming industry.

If you are passionate about wildlife and have a desire to get up-close-and-personal with many different animal species, this program will blow your mind, as you will:

  • Work alongside a qualified and passionate veterinarian
  • Learn about the management and treatment of African Wildlife
  • Gain a tremendous amount of hands-on experience
  • Hone, cement and sharpen your veterinary knowledge
  • Experience life in the African Bushveld
  • Travel widely to many farms, private reserves and lodges in the area
  • Be accommodated at Dr John’s home – Zion Game Lodge, and be part of the family for the duration of your stay.