Because John made me feel at ease, gave me endless encouragement, and the fact he gave me the opportunity to spend time with him, plus trusting me in the field ... is  why I loved every minute I was there and learnt so much from him...
Seriously, I am so blessed to have met you both and I miss you and South Africa terribly plus Rachel, Daniel, Abby, Cody Buddy and Lucy of course!!! ...and the wildlife...and the Giraffe!!!
All my colleagues have been asking about my experience over there with John and yourself, and every time i explain what i did and how great it was they are so envious and I keep reliving my time there...simply amazing... felt like home.
As I speak to them I remember the way John would approach each day with a smile and a spring in his step, like a new grad but with sooo much experience I can only hope to learn from him again sometime.....he is truly a wonderful Vet, reminds me a lot of the way my Father worked.. always putting the animals' welfare first....

5th May, 2016

Travelling to South Africa alone seemed like it would be a daunting experience, but the warmth and friendship of the Van Zyl family made it into the opposite.  These three weeks working with John have been one of the most educational, adventurous and fun times of my life!
Thank you for your excellent teaching and comradery … It is deeply appreciated.
Hope to see you in the States someday – you are always welcome in Michigan!  Lots of love to you all.

3rd July, 2016

This part of the Ecolife trip was by far the most incredible experiences I have ever had.  I’ve learnt so much from participating in the medicating and handling of the animals!  I am very thankful for the experience.  Thank you!

5th June, 2015

This was an awesome experience!  Thank you for taking the time to teach us about being a wildlife veterinarian.  You have a beautiful farm and lodge.  I hope to come back to South Africa someday and maybe have the chance to work with you.  Thank you again!

9th August, 2015

I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality and generosity this week.  I learned so much from you Dr John and your passion in your career is electrifying.  You are the type of person that inspires and brings out the drive in others.  This was without doubt the best week of the trip for me and everyday filled the passion in me to work with such magnificent creatures.  I feel truly blessed for the time I have had with you and your family.  You have such a beautiful home here and it is exactly what Chris and I hope to achieve one day.  I leave here truly blessed from the experience and hope that our paths may cross again.  God bless you and your family and I hope your lives continue to be filled with the joy that I have experienced while in your company.

9th August, 2015

I can’t thank you both enough for your warmth and generous hospitality.    Dr John, it was the best week for me as a rhino keeper.  I was able to learn even more from you that will directly benefit the animals under my care each day.  Peace, Love & Rhinos!

9th August, 2015

What a beautiful, awesome lodge you have here.  I have enjoyed every minute of it, especially the vet experience.  My highlight was the giraffe we did – not many people can say they have done that.  I have truly learnt a lot.  Dinner was delicious and your children are great.  Loved Cody and Abby.  Your staff does a great job!  Thank you!

13th July, 2014

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