Wildlife Veterinary Internship

With our Wildlife Veterinarian Experience, you will stay at Zion Game Lodge with Dr John and his family and really get a chance to understand and experience the intricacies of a vet working with African wildlife in their natural habitats.
We start off with a formal lecture in order to lay down the basics of game capture and immobilization, there-after teaching will take place outside in the veldt and in the bush.

You will join Dr John on his day to day activities in the field and practise, treating and handling wildlife.  You will be working with a variety of game species such as buffalo, sable antelope, eland, kudu, impala, njala, waterbuck, oryx, roan, giraffe and occasionally lion and rhino.
Activities Include:

  • Assist in game capture and immobilisation
  • Participation in medical work on sick and injured wildlife
  • Take blood and tissue samples from wildlife
  • Learn about veterinary drugs and their applications
  • Wildlife Management
  • Learn about disease control
  • Help with small animal cases at the practise
  • Participation in medical work on sick and injured horses
  • Practical dart gun handling