Your Role

The veterinary work that you will get involved in includes:

  • Assist in game capture and immobilisation
    You will observe the immobilisation of wildlife and assist with the recovery of most animals. You will facilitate the loading of animals onto trailers and trucks as well as help with the administering of a variety of medicines. You will be required/asked to monitor the anaesthesia.

  • Participation in medical work on sick and injured wildlife
    Wildlife vets work in the veld and bush on surrounding game farms and private reserves. You will assist Dr John and be responsible for ensuring that the animals being treated are safe and comfortable. Monitor the effects of the anaesthesia and keeping an eye the on vital signs such as respiration and heart rate.  You will also get the opportunity to assist with the preparation and administration of certain drugs and medicines.  You will assist Dr John with the diagnosis and treatment of various injuries, conditions and diseases of wild and domesticated animals.

  • Take blood and tissue samples from wildlife
    At times you will assist Dr John in taking of different tissue samples from wildlife for laboratory testing and analysis.  (Blood, faeces, and DNA samples)

  • Learn about veterinary drugs and their applications
    Dr John will talk you through all the various veterinary drugs and their applications. He will explain the pharmacology of the drugs used as well as different techniques and routes and methods of administration. (Eg. Drugs used for wildlife immobilization and anaesthesia, anti-biotics and many more)

  • Wildlife Management
    Different approaches and styles practiced by different game farmers will be discussed and evaluated.

  • Disease control
    Learn about some of the many different diseases as well as strategies and methods employed in order to prevent, treat and control these diseases.

  • Help with small animal cases at the practise
    (Please note: A very limited amount of time is spent at the clinic and also not every day. Most of our work is done out on the farms.) Here you will be able to assist Dr John in treating small animals in his practise in Vaalwater.  Many households and farmers have four-legged furry family members that also need treatment or surgery from time to time.  You will assist with these and you might also see a few interesting cases associated with living out in the rural Bushveld. Eg snake bites and injuries inflicted upon pets by wild animals as well as help with the care of orphaned wild animals.

  • Practical dart gun demonstration and handling opportunity